Why should you buy Czech colored and clear crystal from us? Because with each piece, you are buying original and 100% Czech product. All products undergo hands of dozens CAESAR CRYSTA BOHEMIAE employees. And their love to this craft is unmistakably stamped into each of them.

Layered crystal production process is so demanding that it has not been possible to replace manual labor with machine manufacturing yet. No machine can blow the crystal vase as Czech glass makers. When taking over the crystal, glassmakers are exposed to extremely high temperatures around 800 °C, which involves the connection of two layers of clear and colored crystal. This art has been passed down from generation to generation and even today young glassmakers in Svetla nad Sazavu are learning a unique craft of blowing and scooping crystal directly under the guidance of masters in the field.

CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE glass factory runs the whole production. Right from the beginning they had their own designer of decors and nothing has changed to this day. Also, production of wooden molds is carried out by hand directly in the glass factory. Each product requires its own unique form of beech wood. They must be continuously replaced over the time, because they come into contact with highly incandescent crystal. Colored semi-finished product then travels from smelters to grinder rooms where experienced grinders give it the resulting play of light and color manually, only with the help of guide lines and discs with technical diamonds. Grinding of layered crystal is much more difficult than clear crystal, because grinder does not see through the colored layer and moreover he is grinding it under the running water (to not to breathe dust), so he must know all the decors by heart.

Each product goes through strict quality control, which is not done with the help of machines. Experienced employees´ eyes reveal even the smallest, often to naked eye invisible imperfections and only the highest quality products can get to sale.

This whole process guarantees, that for your money, you get the best goods of highest quality and artistic value, and it will give any interior a mark of uniqueness.

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