How is the exclusive color crystal formed?

The basis is clear crystal glass, in which calcium component are replaced by the lead oxide (PbO). Lead oxide stands behind a unique refraction of crystal products. Crystal glass generally comprises of 18-35% of PbO, the more of lead oxide, the better. Products from layered crystal, which we sell, are from 24% PbO, by which they belong to the high-quality crystal products. Lead oxide gives the glass a higher density, lower thermal conductivity, higher index of refraction (and thus higher gloss) and last, but not the least, greater durability and toughness. With these added values, also higher demands for processing and higher demands on the art of the glassmaker are linked– more HERE. That is why leaded crystal is much more expensive and has a higher value than unleaded. Crystal products without lead are more delicate to possible breakage and do not reach such a high gloss.

Colored crystal is formed by admixture of metal oxides. Thanks to them you can admire ruby, blue, purple, green, cyan or black crystal. These colors are typical products of Czech glassmakers CAESAR CRYSTAL BOHEMIAE, a.s.

Colored crystal is formed by combining layers of pure and colored crystal. From glass, molten mass base glassmaker blows out a clear pot that is inserted into preformed colored funnel. This connection takes place at a temperature of about 800°C. The shaping is continued in a wet form of beechwood in which the glassmaker puts a colored flak which then gets its shape by blowing.

Once the basic form of the product is completed, it goes to grinding room. Fist there are pre-drawn guide lines that show the basic shape of the décor. The rest is on the grinder. They are masters of their crafts and know all decors by heart and they can sand design of each product with precise accuracy. Grinding of colored crystal is also incomparably more difficult compared to the clear crystal. Grinder does not see into the processed product through a colored layer and therefore must have many years of experience to estimate the correct depth of cut. Grinding is performed using disk covered with technical diamonds under the running water to prevent the release of dust, as it was in the past.

The final phase is the polishing, where each crystal product is immersed into polishing bath. This makes its natural shine highlighted. Finally, the product is thoroughly inspected and packaged.

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