We pack each consignment for you with the utmost care. By using many layers of padding from different materials, we achieve that every cup, vase or candlestick will rest pampered in a box during transportation to you. Do not be intimidated that box will be disproportionally greater than the consigned product. Crystal is very fragile and therefore needs a really great care.

Crystal product is always carefully filled with fixation padding. By that we avoid the movement of the product during the transport. Then we carefully wrap the box with shock damping material and place it to another, larger box. We also fill this box so your product would be one hundred percent safe. Then we are satisfied with the packaging and send your order for you.

When packing, we use reinforced cardboard boxes of five-layer corrugated cardboard and carefully pack with the combination of fixation materials such as bubble wrap, air pillows and polystyrene fixation pads. We use environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging materials. By us chosen way of packing, have undergone a test to simulate the very rough handling of packages and to be sure that fragile crystal will be always delivered in good order.

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