How to take care of CRYSTAL

How to take care of CRYSTAL

You have finally lived to see! You have your first piece of clear or layered crystal and you would like it to be beautiful forever. We are not only experts on sales. We will also give you advice on how to take care of crystal products so you can enjoy it for decades.

Authentic crystal glass, whether it is clear or colorfully cut, contains up to 24% PbO, thus lead. You do not have to worry though, it is not unhealthy. The lead itself gives amazing properties like high index of refraction, glitter and shine. At the same time, lead crystal glass is harder than cut products without lead. If you tap on your product, it issues a long clear ringing sound.

Lead is therefore an important part of manually cut crystal products. However, at the same time these products are more difficult to maintain than ordinary glass. All manufacturers of lead crystal glass recommend washing it by hand under the warm running water. Never put crystal ware in the dishwasher or use harsh detergents. Doing so may scratch or make the glass gray and thus cause irreparable damage. Probably we do not even have to mention that the crystal glass does not belong in microwave, conventional oven or refrigerator.

If you are proud owners of gilt clear crystal glass, beware of direct sunlight or high frost. Although for the gilt pure 24-carat gold is used, which should not lose its beauty even after years, high frost and direct sunlight can damage it. Manufacturers recommend using special polishes to prevent the manifestation of the natural process of oxidation of gold.

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